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The group has the full ability to carry out construction work and internal and external finishes, and we have the ability to implement integrated contracting works. The group also provides various and specialized services by the group companies, such as consulting, engineering designs, services for security systems, insulation services, installation, operation and maintenance of elevators. In working as a main general contractor in major projects (governmental and private) and a group of private companies in real estate investment: An integrated residential compound is currently being implemented and all the landscaping works for the project, tourism pools and other integrated works such as the implementation of internal and external construction and finishes • The efficiency and maintenance of an Olympic swimming pool for the Ministry of Education is currently being upgraded • A group of government projects schools • A group of scattered towers with special architecture belonging to the company • Implementation of a social club And the Egypt-Ismailia Road and Nasr City • Implementation of a commercial mall on a huge flat

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18+Years of Experience
163+Certified Contractors
940+Founding companies

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It will be one of the largest contracting companies in the Middle East during the next 5 years, and is currently being united with a group of huge companies in the field of general supplies, brokers, real estate marketing and landscaping

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We use expertise from inside and outside Egypt and provide our services inside Egypt Currently, it is expanding outside Egypt

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