About Kenaz Home Design

Kanaz Company was established in Saudi Arabia in 2004 and has implemented many projects in the Kingdom, and our work is a major general contractor for the works of Suleiman Al-Rajhi Real Estate Investment Company in Makkah and Jeddah and several projects in Saudi Arabia. A branch of the company was opened in the Arab Republic of Egypt in 2017, and our work in Cairo is the establishment of 30 residential villas In the administrative capital in R1, and the construction of 35 residential buildings in the capital R6, the implementation of interior finishes and facades in the administrative capital and the building of the Ministry of Irrigation in the ministries district
  • هندسة ممتازة
  • حديثة لاخر الطرازات
  • مواد درجة اولى
  • الهياكل ذات العمر الطويل

Some of the projects implemented on the ground